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Story Development


I have developed and edited a wide range of scripts and books including the BFI funded animated comedy feature Amazing Ray for Nine Acre Films and Professor S, a kids' TV show based on the award winning game by Ludinc Ltd. I was Script Consultant for Brass Hat Films, ran London Script Consultancy, and worked for Euroscript, developing numerous screenplays in all genres. 


I have also taught scriptwriting for Film London, London Film Academy, and the University of Essex, worked as a copywriter for companies including Smart Party, Geocast TV, and River Film, and written for TLS, Yourchoice, and Scriptwriter Magazine.



“So what do you need in a great script editor? Well, firstly, you need insight. Someone who sees the bigger picture, all those plot holes and dead spots that, in your enthusiasm to get the 'idea' down, you somehow, inexplicably missed. But now that they've been pointed out, you can smile 'wryly' and pretend you would've picked them all up on your own anyway... eventually. But in the meantime, it wouldn't hurt to have an armoury of suggestions for numerous fixes, or even a different approach. You'll need all of these suggestions to be creative and intuitive of course. And not only that, but you'll want them delivered in a way that isn't precious… And finally you need this script editor to be a team player, fun to work with, supportive and to instil confidence that the good stuff IS actually good, and that the problem stuff isn't going to be a problem for very much longer. This script editor, for us, is Jacqueline Haigh.””

Alan Short, Co Director, Watership Down (Netflix/BBC)

“With her solid sense of story structure and intuition, Jacqueline was an immense help to me whilst honing the script for “The Public Life of Manick G”. She was an inspiration to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone.”

Meghan Horvath, Producer/Director, Bright Life Films


“Jacqueline Haigh is a talented storyteller. As a writer she creates engaging characters and plots, drawing the reader into charming, magical worlds. As a script consultant she can absorb and understand existing material to reveal and create the most intriguing story. I fully recommend her work to producers, directors and writers alike.”

Nicholas Pilbrow, Executive Producer, Orion Film Network

“I consider myself lucky to have had feedback on pitches, outlines and scripts from Jacqueline. As a writer herself, she gives the sort of incisive, practical and writer-friendly feedback, which can save you a ton of time and heartache - and her passion for what she does always shines through.”

David Lemon, Screenwriter (Faintheart)

“Jacqueline was a great help to me during the writing of OAPz, a Hip Hop Comedy. We maintained a continuous script consultation process from first draft to last. The process added great value to what I was trying to do ... Jacqueline is full of original and penetrating insight and retains an invaluable overview. I would definitely recommend Jacqueline’s script consultancy services for anyone trying to improve their film.”

Gabriel Kemlo, Scriptwriter

“Jacqueline was my screenwriting tutor... I learned more [with her] about the practical craft - structuring acts, scenes, story beats etc - than I had on numerous screenwriting courses. I really appreciated her directness and necessary ruthlessness when it came to axing extraneous dialogue, characters and over-complications of plot. At the same time she was always encouraging, engaged and made great creative suggestions.”

Imogen O'Rorke, Screenwriter

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