Photograph by Joolz Barker 

Image by Joolz Barker 



Writing is a magical act! 

Discover how techniques from magic and ritual unlock the healing power of writing and reveal the stories that only you can tell. 



Every Wednesday in June & July 

7- 9pm at the Goddess House, 24 Magdalene St, Glastonbury BA6 9EH 

£10/£7 concession 


WEEKEND RETREAT (Non-residential)


Come to mystical Avalon for a full immersion into a wide range of magical techniques, from imaginative story creation, characters and ritual to professional writing secrets and story structure. 

Friday 6 August 7pm - Sunday 8 August 5pm 

At the Goddess House, 24 Magdalene St, Glastonbury BA6 9EH

£223/£150 concession

In the Writers Coven, I bring together my passions of writing, performing and mysticism. I have previously taught this unique workshop at the Sheffield Goddess Temple and at the Glastonbury Goddess Conference.


Words are an etheric bridge that draw down concepts from the abstract realm of spirit to the material world of three dimensional reality. Performing is also very mystical. When you act, you channel a different energy and become another being; the connection between the shaman and the showman, the theatre and the temple, is very strong. 


The ancients worshipped many Goddesses who were dedicated to the writer and performer. By calling them in and creating a sacred space, we can draw on their guidance as we journey through the realms of our unconscious, emotions, life experience and fantasies. 


Your story is your medicine; the message you have to give to the world. Join the Writers' Coven to discover the healing power of writing and the transformational process of becoming someone new...